What's going on here.

First, we have our hardware.
Second, we install a GNU/linux operating system.
Next, we use the webcam script from xawtv to grab the pictures at regular intervals.
A php page based on an html/javascript skeleton from webcamworld.com ( template html ) presents the images.
The webcam images are archived.
At 5 minutes to each hour, the movies are made using mjpegtools.
Then the archived images are moved to another machine for longer-term storage.
The images (not the movies) are kept for several days before deletion, thus providing a handy 'security-cam' function...
All these steps are performed by cron jobs and some silly little scripts for things like linking to the frames, updating the times for the movies, etc.

please feel free to email me with any questions.
i'd love to hear if you found this helpful!

   -cfly management.