INTRODUCTION to the 2nd Edition  
100 Years of Champions
  C. Fred Johnston
Past Commodore
Kingston, Ontario

The decision to produce a second edition of The Book of Champions developed over a period of time and for a number of reasons. The 100th anniversary of the Canadian Canoe Association in 2000 seemed an opportune time to review the first edition, to identify its weaknesses and to produce a new edition to celebrate the Association's history.

Over the last quarter of the 19th century the Canadian Canoe Association underwent significant structural changes with the admission of other canoe sports into the association: the white water disciplines of slalom, downwater and freestyle canoeing and kayaking, marathon racing, some canoe sailing and most recently, although not formally, some involvement with dragon boating at the club level. I contemplated how I might incorporate these new disciplines into a more accurate view of canoe sport within the association but had to forfeit what would no doubt have become an overwhelming expansion of the mission I launched in 1975. I look forward to the addition of subsequent volumes to record the Champions of these more recent canoe disciplines.

I do reflect in the events of the Chronology and the changes in the Officers of the Association, the changes in the organisation and structure of the Association over the last quarter century.

This book, which deals with the discipline more accurately referred to as "sprint racing," has been updated with Canadian performances in international competitions not included in the first edition: Pan American Games 1967-1997, Senior World Canoe Championships 1958-2000 and the Junior World Canoe Championships 1985-2000. With these additions the competitive career of Canadian paddlers can be followed through national age classes, performance classes and to international competitions. Information that appeared in the first edition has been upgraded to the year 2000 and the result is 100 Years of Champions of the Canadian Canoe Association 1900-2000.

Most importantly, a new edition permits the author to eliminate errors that appeared in the first edition. I am indebted to so many competitors, relatives, spectators and students of the sport who passed corrections, additions and advice on to me. I want to single out several who were called upon on a number of occasions for assistance and never disappointed me: Nancy McKenzie, my very good Atlantic Division friend, Howard Radford whose long and distinguished involvement in canoe sport has been ever available to clarify some arcane detail from the past. Mike Scott was particularly dedicated to material relating to the Ottawa canoe scene and took care to send corrections to me. And for indispensable assistance in the production of the final copy I must acknowledge the generous assistance of Brenda Campbell. Judy Tutty deserves a special commendation for the very taxing assignment of proof reading major parts of the manuscript.

I want to thank Gerry Pynenburg and his assistant, Steve Young, at Queen's Printing for the valuable advice and assistance in getting the final copy to print.

I am grateful to the staff in the National Office for the unquestioning support and assistance they have provided whenever needed. Thank you Catherine, John, Graham and Anne.

I am confident this new edition provides a more complete and accurate record of competitive sprint canoe racing in Canada.