Welcome to the online version of "100 Years of Champions."  

Beginning in 1984, the "Book of Champions," compiled by former CCA Commodore C. Fred Johnston, has been a definitive go-to guide for all paddlers curious to know champions, clubs, times and other fascinating bits of information about the races that have enthralled us for over a century. The second edition, "100 Years of Champions," was published in 2003 and now here we are, truly entrenched in the digital age where the demand for updated information has pushed this much-thumbed resource to make the leap to the internet.

Convergence of the Twain...

The Book of Champions (BOC) online edition is now coupled with Canada's Sprint Canoe Clubs (CSCC), the online pictorial guide created by Liam Birch. You will find many cross-over links to CSCC, especially through club logos accompanying each entry. Many of the features of the original BOC are now expanded in colour on the CSCC site.

  To navigate this site, please use the age-class categories to your left. On these pages you will find the complete listings of events in both Canadian and Kayak disciplines.  
  Introduction to the Online Edition North American Canoe Championships  
  Foreword to the 2nd Edition North American Canoe Championships Results  
  Introduction to the 2nd Edition Pan American Canoe Championships  
  Introduction to the 1st Edition Pan American Canoe Championships Results  
  Event Best Times Pan American Games  
      Pan American Games Results  
  Chronology of the Association Canada Games  
  Member Clubs Canada Games Results  
  Officers of the Association          
  R. Edgar Gilbert Awards Junior & U23 World Championships  
  National Championship Trophies Senior World Championships  
  Championship Regatta Sites Olympic Games  
      Canada at the International Canoe Federation  
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