CanoeKayak Canada Club Chronology

The following is a chronological list of dates including club foundings, entries and exits from the association, demises, etc.

* Carleton place is the oldest continuously operated club still in the association today (Lachine having undergone revival)

The North American native peoples developed the canoe as a means of transportation and its use in the fur trade is an important factor in Canadian history. Canoe "contests" by Indians and Voyageurs represent the earliest beginnings of canoe racing. The modern sport of canoe racing evolved about waterfront communities in close proximity to Indian settlements. Prime contenders for this honour are the areas about Peterborough, Montreal, Halifax and Victoria.

Widespread interest in rowing in the 1860s and 1870s stimulated the emergence of canoe sport which experienced unprecedented growth in the 1880s and 1890s due, in no small way, to the founding of the American Canoe Association at Lake George, New York in 1880. There was a sufficient number of Canadian clubs in the A.C.A. to form a distinct Northern Division in 1886. Popularisation of war canoe racing after 1889, and an emphasis on single blade paddling made for differential development between U.S. and Canadian clubs. With the emergence of a Canadian Division of the A.C.A. with distinct characteristics, a separate national association was not far behind.
Text courtesy Fred Johnston

  • LACHINE Boating Club founded
  • LONGUEUIL Boating Club founded
  • GRAND TRUNK Boating Club founded
  • POINTE CLAIRE Boating Club founded
  • TORONTO Canoe Club founded
  • VALOIS Boating Club founded
  • BUFFALO Canoe Club founded
  • OTTAWA Canoe Club founded
  • ST. ROSE Canoe Club founded
  • ST. LAMBERT Boating Club founded
  • BRITANNIA Boating and Glee Club founded
  • ISLAND Amateur Aquatic Association founded
  • ST. JOHN'S Yacht Club (QC) founded
  • VICTORIA Yacht Club (QC) founded (as AYLMER Boating Club)
  • CARLETON PLACE Canoe Club founded (as Ottawa Valley Canoeing Association)
  • WINNIPEG Canoe Club founded
  • BROCKVILLE Rowing Club founded
  • ORILLIA Canoe Club founded
  • LAC ST-JOSEPH Aquatic Association founded
  • ST. MARY'S Boat Club founded
  • KINGSTON Yacht Club founded
  • BOHEMIAN Amateur Athletic Association founded
  • BROCKVILLE YMCA Aquatic Club founded
  • Canadian Canoeing Association formed by the following charter members: Brockville Rowing Club, Brockville YMCA Aquatic Club, Bohemian Amateur Athletic Association, Kingston Yacht Club, Ottawa Canoe Club, Grand Trunk Boating Club, Lachine Boating Club, Britannia Boat House Club, Carleton Place Canoe Club
  • ST. STEPHEN'S Amateur Athletic Association founded
  • First Dominion championship held at Brockville, ON. Events include Senior Men's Single-Blade Singles (C1), Tandem (C2) and Fours (C4), Senior Men's War Canoe, Open Men's War Canoe
  • E.A. Black, Ottawa Canoe Club, elected first Commodore
  • Bohemian AAA won the first National Championship event, Senior Men's War Canoe
  • SMITHS FALLS Canoe Club founded
  • Fulford Cup donated for War Canoe Tug-of-war
  • Junior age class established
  • Junior Single-Blade Fours added to Nationals
  • RIDEAU Canoe Club founded
  • SUDBURY Canoe Club founded
  • St. Lambert joins CCA
  • Longueuil joins CCA
  • Intermediate class established
  • Intermediate Single-Blade Singles, Tandem and Fours added to Nationals
  • Junior Single-Blade Singles and Tandem added to Nationals
  • Open Men's War Canoe added to Nationals
  • Fulford Cup first awared to winner of the Open Men's War Canoe
  • BANOOK Canoe Club founded
  • CHATEAUGUAY Boating Club founded
  • ST. CATHARINES Rowing Club founded
  • St. Stephen's joins CCA
  • Kingston leaves CCA
  • CARTIERVILLE Boating Club founded
  • NEW EDINBURGH Canoe Club founded
  • Ottawa wins first CCA Championship after points introduced for official races (first 3, second 2, third 1)
  • CCA organised into three divisions: North (Britannia, Ottawa, Rideau, Carleton Place, New Edinburgh); East (Grand Trunk, Lachine, St-Lambert, St. John's, St. Stephen's); West (Brockville Rowing, Bohemian, Brockville YMCA, Smiths Falls)
  • Because Brockville clubs did not race at Nationals, Smiths Falls was moved to the Northern Division
  • LAC SERGENT Aquatic Association founded
  • BALMY BEACH Canoe Club founded
  • PARKDALE Canoe Club founded
  • St. John's Yacht Club joins CCA
  • Brockville Rowing leaves CCA
  • Bohemian leaves CCA
  • Brockville YMCA leaves CCA
  • GANANOQUE Motorboat & Canoe Club founded
  • Toronto joins CCA (first Western Ontario club to join)
  • Chateauguay joins CCA
  • Victoria Yacht Club (QC) joins CCA
  • Parkdale joins CCA
  • CCA reorganises three divisions - Western (Toronto-centred), Northern (Ottawa-centred) and Eastern (Montreal-centred), each of which was eligible to send three top crews in each event to Nationals
  • HUDSON Boating Club founded
  • Valois joins CCA
  • Orillia joins CCA
  • Pointe Claire (Boating) joins CCA
  • KEW BEACH Amateur Aquatic Association founded
  • Winnipeg joins CCA
  • Decision to present the Commodore with a dated CCA burgee
  • Bohemian folds
  • Charles T. Hoare, Toronto CC, outgoing Commodore, receives the first Commodore's Burgee
  • Ottawa and New Edinburgh merge to form the OTTAWA-NEW EDINBURGH Canoe Club
  • St. Catharines joins CCA
  • Alistair McKenzie, Toronto CC, won his fourth Senior Single-Blade Singles Championship
  • Rideau Canoe Club becomes the Rideau Aquatic Club
  • Pointe Claire (Boating) leaves CCA
  • National Championships suspended due to WWI (through 1918)
  • Lachine revived as Lachine Racing Canoe Club / Lachine Rowing Club
  • National Championships restored after WWI
  • First tie for CCA Championship (Ottawa-New Edinburgh & Balmy Beach)
  • Coin is tossed for the aggregate trophy (ONECC)
  • OTTERBURN Boating Club founded
  • HUMBER BAY Canoe Club (officially) founded
  • NIAGARA DISTRICT Canoe Club founded
  • St. Rose joins CCA
  • MIC MAC Amateur Aquatic Club founded
  • Victoria Yacht Club (QC) burns down
  • Past Commodore's pin introduced and retroactively given to all living Past Commodores
  • Canada/USA (and one Englishman) demonstrate canoeing at Paris Olympics (Roy Nurse, Harry Greenshields, Alexander Lindsay, George Duncan)
  • Sudbury revived as Sudbury Boating Club
  • Humber Bay folds
  • Championship Burgee first awarded to 1927 championship club (Rideau)
  • Previous two champions (Rideau 1925, Toronto 1926) reimbursed for their "purchased" championship burgees
  • AK-O-MAK Canoe Club founded
  • John W. Black Trophy introduced for Junior Men's SIngle-Blade Fours
  • Points system changed to 5/2/1
  • Introduction of back numbers for sternsmen in Nationals events
  • Birks Cup (Senior Men's War Canoe) won outright by Ottawa-New Edinburgh
  • Senior Men's Double-Blade Singles (K1) and Tandem (K2) added to Nationals program as exhibition events
  • International demonstration regatta held at Hamilton, ON between American and Canadian crews on the occasion of the First British Empire Games
  • Senior Men's K1 and K2 officially added to points total at Nationals
  • Valois leaves CCA
  • RADISSON Canoe Club founded
  • CATARAQUI Canoe Club founded
  • Senior Men's Double-Blade Fours (K4) added to Nationals program
  • BRANTWOOD BEACH Canoe Club founded
  • PARKDALE-SWANSEA Canoe Club founded as Parkdale Racing Canoe Club
  • Parkdale Canoe Club renamed to Boulevard Canoe Club
  • EXCEL Boating Club founded
  • KITCHENER Racing Canoe Club founded
  • Canoeing added as an official sport of the Olympic Games
  • Frank Amyot wins Canada's first canoeing medal, gold in C1 1000m, at Berlin Olympics
  • Warren Saker and Harvey Charters win a silver medal in C2 10000m and bronze in C2 1000m
  • PETERBOROUGH Canoe Club founded
  • Winnipeg first western club to win CCA championship
  • St. Lambert leaves CCA
  • Island A.A.A. revived as Island Canoe Club
  • Toronto C.C. renamed to Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club
  • Brantwood Beach folds
  • Juvenile Men's War Canoe added to Nationals program as exhibition event
  • Radisson joins CCA
  • Juvenile War Canoe officially added to Nationals program
  • Parkdale-Swansea folds
  • Nationals suspended due to WWII (through 1945)
  • QUEBEC Canoe Club founded (absorbs Lac Sergent)
  • National Championships restored after WWII
  • Juvenile class added to championship program (Men's C1, C2, C4 1/4 Mi)
  • Intermediate class removed from Nationals
  • Ladies War Canoe added to championship program (exhibition)
  • Boulevard leaves CCA
  • Open Men's 10000 m C1, C2 added to championship program (exhibition)
  • Doug Bennett wins silver in C1 1000m at London Olympics
  • Norm Lane wins bronze in C1 10000m at London Olympics
  • Mic Mac first Atlantic club to join CCA (district status)
  • Open Mens 10 000 m K1, K2 added to championship program (exhibition)
  • MILTON Camera & Canoe Club founded
  • Junior Men's K1, K2 added to championship program
  • R. Edgar Gilbert appointed the first Honourary Commodore of the CCA
  • Club Nautique ST-LOUIS founded
  • Long Distance (10000 m) events officially count towards championship
  • Henry Mosher, Mic Mac AAC, first Maritime paddler to compete at Nationals
  • Ken Lane and Donald Hawgood win silver in C2 10000m at Helsinki Olympics
  • International class, decked kayak first used in Junior and Senior K1 at Nationals
  • Adoption of the CCA motto "Per Aquas ad Fraternitatem"
  • First North American Championships held at Long Pond, Toronto Island
  • International decked kayak tandem kayak introduced at Nationals
  • European-style C1 and C2 introduced 
  • Nova Scotia clubs form the Maritime Division
  • A Mic Mac AAC Junior C4 crew, J. Flinn, L. Murphy, D. Schroeder, H. Mosher, won the first National championship event for the Maritime Division
  • Race distances of 1/2 mile changed to 1000m
  • Excel leaves CCA
  • Ottawa-New Edinburgh leaves CCA
  • MISSISSAUGA Canoe Club founded
  • MOHAWK Canoe Club founded
  • WEST ROUGE Canoe Club founded
  • St. Mary's enters CCA
  • Points allocation changes to 8/4/3/2/1
  • Junior Mens C15 added to championship program
  • Juvenule race distances changed from 1/4 mile to 1000m
  • 10000 m events withdrawn from the championship program (reducing championship regatta to one day)
  • CALGARY founded
  • Island folds
  • International kayak fours introduced
  • RED DEER Canoe Club founded
  • Junior Men's K4 added to championship program
  • Preferential points scoring introduced for war canoe events (12/6/4/3/2)
  • Introduction of age class burgees at National Championships
  • Adoption of 17 foot International C2 for Senior Men's C2 event
  • Introduction of "Ladies" burgee
  • Senior Women's K1, K2 added to championship program (exhibition)
  • Bantam Boys' C4 added to championship program
  • Cataraqui revived
  • Ak-O-Mak joins CCA
  • Canadian White Water Association becomes the Canadian White Water Affiliate of the CCA
  • SENOBE Aquatic Club founded
  • WHITE RAVEN Canoe Club founded
  • Radisson folds
  • Toronto Sailing leaves CCA
  • Women's senior events officially added to championship program
  • Women's events officially counted towards championship burgee (Newspapers indicate this occurred in 1969, not 1965)
  • Cartierville Boating Club wins an unprecedented ninth consecutive CCA Burgee
  • Formation of the North American Canoe Racing Association
  • BRITISH COLUMBIA Kayak & Canoe Club founded
  • "Western" division created for pacific and prairie clubs
  • Three main divisions renamed to Western Ontario, Eastern Ontario and Quebec
  • North American Championships Regatta Committee replaced by the North American Canoe Racing Association (Robert Sleeth as President, Frank Clement as Secretary)
  • First National White Water Championships held at Elora Gorge, ON.
  • BURNABY Canoe Club founded
  • PORT MOODY Canoe Club founded
  • Juvenile Men's K1, K2, K4, Senior Women's K4 added to championship program
  • Medals first awarded to gold, silver and bronze placings at National Championships
  • Canoeing added as an exhibition sport at Pan Am Games (Canada won three gold, five silver, six bronze)
  • International specifications for all C1 events introduced
  • NORTH BAY Canoe Club founded
  • ALMONTE Canoe Club founded
  • ONA-LAC Canoe Club founded
  • Club plaques first awarded for victors at National Championships
  • Howard Radford elected President of the Canadian Olympic Association for 1968-1969
  • Women selected to the Canadian Olympic canoeing team for the first time
  • First female Olympic athletes to represent Canada in canoeing were Marjorie Homer-Dixon, Betty-Ann Gowans and Claudia Hunt
  • CHEEMA Aquatic Club founded
  • METRO-CODIAK Canoe Club founded
  • ABENAKI Aquatic Club founded
  • Grand Trunk folds
  • Women's Junior events (K1, K2, K4) added to championship program
  • KENNEBECASIS Rowing & Canoe Club founded
  • AJAX Canoe Club founded
  • WHITE OAKS Canoe Club founded
  • Red Deer leaves CCA
  • Metro-Codiak folds
  • MASKWA Aquatic Club founded
  • ONAKE Paddling Club founded
  • SASKATOON Canoe Club founded
  • BOW WATERS Canoe Club founded
  • Ajax folds
  • E. Ralph Reilly becomes the first full-time Executive Director
  • Howard Radford appointed Secretary-Treasurer for the Organising Committee of the XXI (1976) Olympiad, Montreal
  • Introduction of Olympic rings, designed by Jim Mossman and presented to 1972 Olympic team members for the first time
  • VAUDREUIL Canoe Club founded
  • EDMONTON WHITEWATER Paddlers founded
  • REGINA Canoe Club founded
  • Almonte leaves CCA
  • OAKVILLE Racing Canoe Club founded
  • LONDON Canoe Club founded
  • Onake hosts Junior Olympics
  • Western Division separates into Pacific and Prairie Divisions
  • PISIQUID Aquatic Club founded
  • Milo revived
  • Canoe Canada 75 at Olympic Basin
  • Senior Men's 500m events (C1, C2, K1, K2) added to championship program
  • Women's Juvenile events (K1, K2, K4) added to championship program
  • Canadian Canoe Association incorporated
  • Montreal hosts the Games of the XXI Olympiad
  • John Wood captures silver in C1 500m at Montreal Olympics
  • Clifford Baden Powell appointed the first patron of the CCA
  • ORENDA Canoe Club founded
  • ST. JOHN'S Canoe Club (NL) founded
  • LAKEHEAD Canoe Club founded (as THUNDER BAY)
  • Cheema first Atlantic club to win championship burgee
  • Ona-Lac folds
  • Last North American Championships held
  • John Wood and Greg Smith win Canada's first medal at a Senior World Championship (C2 500m)
  • Junior Men's 500m events (C1, C2, K1, K2) added to championship program
  • TORONTO ISLAND Canoe Club founded
  • First Pan-American Canoe Racing Championships held at Mexico City
  • First running of the Riverside Handicap (the Rivi) at Oakville Racing Canoe Club
  • VALLEYFIELD Canoe Club founded
  • Fulford Trophy retired from competition (Open Men's C-15 discontinued)
  • Formation of the Canadian Marathon Canoe Racing Association at Ottawa, ON
  • The CCA, through its affiliate, hosted the World White Water Championships at Jonquière/Desbiens, QC, the first ICF-sanctioned World Canoeing Championships to be held outside of Europe
  • SHERBROOKE Canoe Club founded
  • Midget class (all events) added to championship program
  • SACK-A-WA Canoe Club founded
  • FALSE CREEK Canoe & Kayak Club founded
  • Sudbury leaves CCA
  • Women's Junior C15 added to championship program
  • Alberta clubs reorganised as the "Alberta Division" of the CCA
  • Bantam class events eliminated from national championships
  • Cloverleaf regatta organised in lieu of Bantam events removed from Nationals
  • RIDGE Canoe & Kayak Club founded
  • KINAP Athletic Club founded
  • NACKAWIC Canoe Club founded
  • KELOWNA Canoe & Kayak Club founded
  • Alwyn Morris and Hugh Fisher win silver in the K2 500m at the World Championships in Belgrade, Yugoslavia
  • ICF awards the 1986 Senior World Championships to Montreal
  • Club Nautique de MONTREAL founded
  • Vaudreuil-Soulange folds
  • Alwyn Morris and Hugh Fisher win bronze in the K2 1000m at the World Championships in Tampere, Finland
  • Decision to reorganise the CCA around two or more technical disciplines, effective at the annual meeting in 1984
  • R. Edgar Gilbert awards presented for the first time to Glen Adams (official), Peter Marzell (Coach) and Fred Johnston (builder)
  • Penticton joins CCA
  • Kelowna leaves CCA
  • On April 28, the Canadian Marathon Canoe Racing Association and the CCA approved the by-laws for a reorganised CCA
  • Canada's best-ever results at the Olympics in Los Angeles, CA. (Larry Cain, C1 500m gold, C1 1000m silver, Alwyn Morris/Hugh Fisher, K2 500m gold and K2 1000m bronze, Sue Holloway/Alexandra Barré, K2 500m silver, Sue Holloway/Alexandra Barré/Lucie Guay/Barb Olmsted, K4 500m bronze)
  • TOBA Canoe Club founded (as WINNIPEG Paddling Club)
  • Saskatoon Canoe Club becomes Saskatoon Racing Canoe Club
  • Juvenlie Men's C1, K1 1000m added to championship program
  • Commodore's war canoe salute replaced with a ceremonial presentation to the Commodore by a representative of the athletes
  • Marathon and Sprint Racing disciplines participate in canoeing events at the first World Masters Games held in Toronto, ON
  • Board approved the development of an Award of Excellence for Canadian medalists at Junior and Senior World Championships
  • WASCANA Racing Canoe Club founded
  • CHASE High School Canoe Club founded
  • White Raven joins CCA
  • Juvenile Men's C2, K2 1000m added to championship program
  • Senior World Canoe Championships held in Montreal was the first of its kind held outside of continental Europe
  • Alwyn Morris receives the Tom Longboat Award for the Outstanding Native Athlete of North America
  • First CanMas regatta, Toronto, ON
  • Club Canoe-Kayak les DEUX RIVES founded
  • Canoeing made an official sport of the Pan American Games
  • Distance for Midget events changed from 500m to 1000m
  • Renn Crichlow wins bronze in K1 1000m at Junior World Championships in Belgrade, Yugoslavia
  • Canoe Sailing enters the CCA as an Associate Member Sport
  • Club de Canoe-Kayak LAC BEAUPORT founded (separate from Quebec)
  • POINTE CLAIRE Canoe Club founded
  • NANAIMO Canoe & Kayak Club founded
  • Montreal folds
  • Oakville and Mohawk merge to form BURLOAK Canoe Club
  • TORONTO RACING Canoe Club founded
  • ST. ALBERT Canoe & Kayak Club founded
  • Lac Sergent separates from Quebec
  • Lac St-Joseph separates from Quebec
  • North Bay moves from WOD to EOD
  • Penticton leaves CCA
  • Distance for Juvenile C4 and K4 events changed from 500m to 1000m
  • Decision to begin implementing championship events for women's canoeing
  • Women's Juvenile and Junior C4 events added to championship program
  • Womens Juvenile and Junior K1 and K2 1000m events added to championship program
  • World Junior Sprint Canoe Championships held outside continental Europe for the first time at Dartmouth, NS
  • Steve Giles wins bronze in C1 1000m and Marie-Josée Gibeau wins bronze in K1 500m at Junior Worlds in Dartmouth
  • KAMLOOPS Canoe & Kayak Club founded
  • Valleyfield leaves CCA
  • White Raven leaves CCA
  • Canadian White Water Association enters the CCA as the third Technical Discipline
  • Michael Chambers elected Vice President of Canadian Olympic Association
  • Introduction of the ICF C4 for Senior Men's C4 at Nationals
  • Women's Senior C4 added to the championship program
  • Masters class added to championship program with medals, but points not awarded for CCA club championship
  • Introduction, on a two-year trial basis, of Masters class events for Men's C1, K1 and Women's K1
  • Men's Masters C1, A (under 45) and C1, B (over 45), K1, A (under 45) and K1, B (over 45), Women's Masters K1, A and K1, B events added to the championship program (Men's events 1000m, women's events 500m)
  • RICHMOND HILL Canoe Club founded
  • SELKIRK Community Paddling Club founded
  • PRINCE ALBERT Canoe & Kayak Racing Club founded
  • YORKTON Canoe & Kayak Club founded
  • Women's Senior K1 and K2 1000m events added to championship program
  • Attila Buday wins bronze in the C1 1000m at the Junior World Championships in Vienna, Austria. Attila and Michael Oryschak win gold in C2 1000
  • "CCA" Letters added to the Championship Burgee
  • Award of Excellence presented for the first time to the 1991 Junior World Champion medalists and retroactively to all Junior and Senior World medalists dating back to 1985
  • FORT LANGLEY Canoe Club founded
  • Decision to begin phasing in 200m races at National Championships
  • 200m races added for Senior Men's C1, K1 and Senior Women's K1
  • Women's Midget C4 500m added to the championship program
  • Tamas Buday Jr. wins bronze medal in C1 1000m at the Junior World Championships in Račice, Czech Republic.
  • Michael Chambers, Vice President Canadian Olympic Association, named Chef-de-Mission of the Canadian Olympic Team at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, USA
  • Executive Director of the CCA renamed to Director General
  • Anne Merklinger becomes first Director General of the CCA
  • Sprint Racing Discipline of the CCA introduced Vice Chairs of High Performance and Domestic Development into its administrative organisation
  • VICTORIA Canoe & Kayak Club (BC) founded
  • Toronto Racing folds
  • Fort Langley joins CCA
  • PARC DES ILES founded
  • Frank Garner, Coach 1984 Olympic Canoe Team, inducted into Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame
  • Tamas Buday Jr. named Outstanding junior athlete for 1994 and recipient of the Viscount Alexander Award by the Sports Federation of Canada
  • Men's and Women's Open class C4 and K4 200m events added to the championship program
  • Men's Junior C1, C2, K1, K2 500m events added to the championship program
  • Women's Junior K1 and K2 200m events added to the championship program
  • Women's Junior C1 and C2 500m events added to the championship program
  • Men's Juvenile C1, C2, K1, K2 200m events added to the championship program
  • Women's Juvenile C1 and C2 500m events added to the championship program
  • Women's Juvenile K1 and K2 200m events added to the championship program
  • Men's and Women's Midget K1 and Mens C1 6000m events added to the championship program (replacing separate Long Distance regatta)
  • Canadian Women's team received the Outstanding Women's Team award at the 1995 World Canoe Championships in Duisburg: Caroline Brunet, Alison Herst, Klari MacAskill, Corrina Kennedy, Marie-Josée Gibeau
  • LEDUC SMOKIES Canoe & Kayak Club founded
  • Chateauguay folds (?)
  • LAKE SUPERIOR Canoe & Kayak Club founded
  • Caroline Brunet wins silver medal in K1 500m at the Atlanta Olympic Games
  • Women's Senior K2 200m and C1, C2 500m events added to the championship program
  • Renn Crichlow elected Vice President, Athletes Association, COA
  • PEMBERTON Canoe & Kayak Club founded
  • Lake Superior folds
  • Canadian Canoe Museum designated the official repository of the CCA Archives
  • Dartmouth, NS hosts the Senior World Canoe Championships
  • Caroline Brunet wins gold in all three women's K1 events: 200m, 500m, 1000m
  • Women's K4 of Karen Furneaux, Danica Rice, Corrina Kennedy, Marie-Josée Gibeau-Ouimet win silver in the 200m
  • Larry Cain elected to the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame
  • CASCADES Canoe Club founded
  • MINNEDOSA Cane & Kayak Club founded
  • At the World Championships in Szeged, Hungary, Caroline Brunet wins gold in K1 200m and 500m, and silver in K1 1000m. Marie-Josée Gibeau-Ouimet and Karen Furneaux win gold in Women's K2 200m
  • Steve Giles wins gold in C1 1000m
  • Women's Senior C1 and C2 200m events added to the championship program
  • Memorandum of Understanding signed between Canadian Canoe Association and CanMas
  • KANESATAKE Canoe Club founded
  • AKA:WE Canoe Club founded
  • Introduction of "Canadian" boats and "International" boats class burgees
  • Doug Bennett, 1948 Olympic silver medalist in C1 1000m, inducted into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame
  • At the Junior World Championships in Zagreb, Croatia, Thomas Hall wins gold in C1 1000m and Adam van Koeverden wins bronze in K1 1000m
  • At the World Championships in Milan, Italy, Caroline Brunet wins triple gold in womens K1 200m, 500m and 1000m
  • Brunet and Furneaux win gold in K2 500m
  • Caroline Brunet named Canadian Athlete of the Year
  • Masters events given points status at National Championships
  • Masters Class ages adjusted for Nationals: Class A now 35-40, Class B now 45 and up
  • Women's Midget C1 6000m events added to the championship program
  • Women's Senior C1 and C2 1000m events added to the championship program
  • SYDENHAM LAKE Canoe Club founded
  • Cataraqui leaves CCA
  • 100th anniversary of the Canadian Canoe Association
  • Caroline Brunet wins silver in the K1 500m at the Sydney Olympic Games
  • Steve Giles wins bronze in the C1 1000m at the Sydney Olympic Games
  • At the World Marathon Championships, Richard Dalton and Michael Scarola win silver in C2, the first ever Canadian medal in World Marathon competition
  • VIKING Canoe Club founded
  • GORGE Rowing & Paddling Centre founded
  • London joins CCA
  • GREATER EDMONTON Racing Canoe & Kayak Club founded
  • St-Louis merge with Ontaritzi
  • Points allocation changes to 16/8/6/5/4/3/2/1 for small boats and 24/14/9/6/5/4/3/2 for war canoes
  • Canmas points allocation changes to 10/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 for small boats and 20/16/14/12/10/8/6/4/2 for war canoes (TBD)
  • OTTAWA RIVER Canoe Club founded
  • CHIPPEWAS of the THAMES First Nation Sprint Racing founded
  • Milo rejoins CCA
  • EAST RIVER Canoe Club founded
  • Leduc Smokies folds
  • Sudbury revived
  • Milton joins CCA
  • Ontaritzi renamed to LAC ST-JOSEPH
  • Cascades joins CCA
  • Kanesatake joins CCA
  • Edmonton Whitewater joins CCA
  • Old Mohawk site demolished
  • WESTERN NEWFOUNDLAND Paddlers founded
  • COLLINGWOOD Dragonboat & Canoe Club founded
  • Greater Edmonton joins CCA
  • Aka:we joins CCA
  • Adam van Koeverden wins gold in the K1 500m and bronze in the K1 1000m at the Athens Olympic Games
  • Caroline Brunet wins bronze in the K1 500m at the Athens Olympic Games
  • INDIAN BROOK Canoe Club founded
  • ABEGWEIT Paddlers Club founded
  • BRANDON Canoe & Kayak Club founded
  • VICTORIA YOUTH Paddling Club founded
  • St-Louis separate from Lac St-Joseph; Lac St-Joseph folds
  • Collingwood joins CCA
  • SELKIRK separates from Toba
  • CCA rebranded as Canoe-Kayak Canada
  • SHAWINIGAN Canoe Club founded
  • East River leaves CKC
  • SOUTH NIAGARA Canoe Club founded
  • Cap-de-la-Madeleine renamed to TROIS RIVIERES
  • Adam van Koeverden wins silver in the K1 500m at the Beijing Olympic Games
  • Thomas Hall wins bronze in the C1 1000m at the Beijing Olympic Games
  • West Rouge changes name to PICKERING ROUGE Canoe Club
  • Yorkton rejoins CKC
  • CHINOOK Racing Canoe Club founded
  • Adam van Koeverden wins silver in the K1 1000m at the London Olympic Games
  • Mark Oldershaw wins bronze in the C1 1000m at the London Olympic Games
  • Mark De Jonge wins bronze in the K1 200m at the London Olympic Games
  • New age classes introduced - U11 (Atom), U13 (Peewee), U15 (Bantam), U16, U17 (Midget), U19 (Juvenile)
  • Mark De Jonge wins silver in the K1 200m at the World Championships in Duisburg, Germany
  • Canada hosts its second Junior World Canoe Championships at the Welland International Flatwater Centre. Madeline Schmidt wins bronze in K1 500m
  • Points allocation for Mixed war canoes split between genders (for age class burgee purposes) 12/7/5/3/3/2/2/1
  • "CKC" Letters replace "CCA" on Championship Burgee
  • Mark De Jonge wins gold in the K1 200m at the World Championships in Moscow, Russia
  • Parry Sound joins CKC
  • Mark De Jonge wins gold in the K1 200m at the World Championships in Milan, Italy
  • CKC rebranded with new logo and vision
  • PORT CREDIT Canoe Club founded
  • ALOUETTE Paddling Club founded
  • FORT Canoe and Kayak Club becomes a separate member of Fort Langley Canoe Club
  • Adoption of International C4 for Open Women's and U19 Women's C4 events
  • Katie Vincent and Laurence Vincent-Lapointe win gold in C2 500m at the World Championships in Racice, Czechia
  • Laurence Vincent Lapointe wins gold and sets a new world record in C1 200m at the World Championships in Racice, Czechia
  • FLATWATER NORTH Sprint Club founded
  • PETERBOROUGH Canoe & Kayak Club founded
  • Laurence Vincent-Lapointe wins triple gold at the World Championships in Montemor-O-Velho Portugal. Katie Vincent shares gold in the C2 500m event.
  • Cobourg moves from Western Ontario Division to Eastern Ontario Division
  • New age classes introduced - U10 (Atom), U12 (Peewee), U14 (Bantam), U16, (Midget), U18 (Juvenile)
  • All 1000m K4 events at Nationals changed to 500m
  • National Championships and most Divisional events canceled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • COBOURG moves to the Eastern Ontario Division
  • FLATWATER NORTH moves to the Prairie Division
  • Laurence Vincent-Lapointe wins silver in the C1 200m at the Tokyo Olympic Games
  • Laurence Vincent-Lapointe and Katie Vincent win bronze in the C2 500m at the Tokyo Olympic Games
  • National Championships resume but with a pared down singles-only card that doubles as trials for international events that have been postponed until the autumn due to the COVID-19 Pandemic