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Summer 2003
The idea for this book came about from a desire to see all of the racing jerseys side by side somehow. As with most of the crazy things I get involved with, I don't really remember at which point it turned into a book, but nevertheless I decided to paint four of the jerseys in watercolour as an experiment to see what they looked like.

The first four jerseys were Burloak, Mic Mac, Gorge and Rideau. I realised then that I could probably paint all of them and have a pretty decent collection to share with people. What I failed to account for were the numerous clubs that were no longer members of the CCA and the various jerseys that were precursors to the current ones. As with any collection, it would only be complete if *every* jersey were accounted for.

I decided to bundle up my designs and ideas, along with two draft pages of what would eventually become the Banook and Mic Mac entries, and travel to Welland to talk to people and get an idea of what I was actually trying to do. There was a lot of interest (and a lot of naysayers who just haven't got any creative objectivity) and countless individuals and groups who stepped forward to add information or provide images to be included in the book.

Summer 2004
With the book idea firmly in place, I was bound for the archives, housed by Fred Johnston in Kingston. I don't know how to explain this, but the overwhelming feeling of joy at cracking open one of his boxes and discovering a jersey or a logo or a medal that I had never seen before was breathtaking. I knew that there was a lot of history in the CCA, but never quite as much as this. I ended up in Kingston three times to ensure I had all of my bases covered.

I also had the fortune of visiting Mike Scott of Ottawa, Dave Findlay of Carleton Place and Bert Oldershaw of Burlington, all of whom opened up box after box of history and memorabilia for me to peruse (among others). My scanner actually broke on one visit and my wife had to run out and replace it for fear of losing these long sought-after images.

I had tears in my eyes when I learned of Bert's passing, for he was probably the keenest of all those who supported me in my endeavours and I was so looking forward to showing him the finished product. I hope that he can see it now and know that he was instrumental in making it happen.

Summer 2005
At Nationals in Montreal I was able to promote the book by selling posters containing all of the jerseys I was able to track down by June of that year. I put on as many unique jerseys as I was able to find. Regardless of any missing or since-updated jerseys, the poster is a wonderful snapshot of the colours in our association. Unfortunately, the history is lost on some people who point at the Ottawa jersey and laugh at the beaver emblazoned across its chest. Ottawa was the first club to win the CCA championship. They deserve our respect.

Spring 2006
In order to have the book ready to sell for the 2006 season, I had it slated for publication in June. I delayed printing for three weeks so that I could include the new Lac Sergent jersey. And what a jersey it is - probably the most exciting one I had the pleasure of painting.

So, here we are. I will continue selling the book for as long as people are interested in purchasing it, or for as long as I have copies. They will run out eventually and I will never print a second run. This is it. Considering that this book is one of a kind and a unique portrait of everything amazing about our sport, I am proud of it and proud of the efforts that I took to see it happen. I know that there are a few mistakes and omissions that, in retrospect, I might have been able to avoid if I had delayed printing even further. I can only say that if I had delayed any further, there was the risk that the book would never have been published at all and I can only apologise to those whose names or achievements were missed.

Thank-you to everyone who contributed to making this publication a success and to all those who have supported me in the venture.