Paracanoe OPEN Women's
  Double Blade Singles
No Trophy
Ottawa River C.C.
Brianna Hennessy
  Year   Time First Place Second Place Third Place
  2018   0:55.164 Erica Scarff Andrea Nelson Christine Gauthier
        Balmy Beach C.C. Balmy Beach C.C. Pointe Claire C.C.
  This event was run as an exhibition event prior to 2019.
  2019   0:59.717 Erica Scarff Draga Culjak Beth Johnson
        Balmy Beach C.C. Balmy Beach C.C. Toba C.C.
  2020-2021 - Race suspended due to pandemic
  2022   0:55.682 Brianna Hennessy Sara Kelman Lindsay Davis
        Ottawa River C.C. Ottawa River C.C. South Niagara C.C.
  2023   1.17.214 Natasha Sexton Quillan Hayden Quillan Lindsay Davis
        Maskwa A.C. Maskwa A.C. South Niagara C.C.