Double Blade Singles
No Trophy
Lachine R.C.C.
Jim Simonyik
  Year   Time First Place Second Place Third Place
  1949   No Time Ken Butler * Henry Harper Bill Brigden
        Island C.C. Gananoque M. & C.C. Winnipeg C.C.
  1950   37:30 Bill Brigden * Lloyd Rice Ken Butler
        Winnipeg C.C. Toronto S. & C.C. Island C.C.
  Adoption of ICF K-1 boat specifications for this event
  1951   46:45 Bert Oldershaw Bill Brigden Ken Butler
        Island C.C. Winnipeg C.C. Island C.C.
  1952   50:00 Lloyd Rice Les Erdei Ken Butler
        Toronto S. & C.C. Grand Trunk B.C. Island C.C.
  1953   54:00.3 Lloyd Rice Bill Brigden Pat Way
        Toronto S. & C.C. Winnipeg C.C. Rideau C.C.
  1954   51:49.4 Lloyd Rice Robert Smith Lorne Smith
        Toronto S. & C.C. Lachine R.C.C. Winnipeg C.C.
  1955   51:06 Lloyd Rice D. Potter Lorne Smith
        Toronto S. & C.C. Gananoque M. & C.C. Winnipeg C.C.
  1956   52:55 Lloyd Rice Robert Smith Allan McCleery
        Toronto S. & C.C. Lachine R.C.C. Grand Trunk B.C.
  1957   51:41 Lloyd Rice Les Melia Bob Cordner
      Toronto S. & C.C. Lachine R.C.C. Grand Trunk B.C.
  1958 -1965 - Race suspended
  1966   No Time   Gabor Joo Jim Simonyik Peter Swirtlick
        Mississauga C.C. Lachine R.C.C. Cartierville B.C.
  1967   47:18.29 Jim Simonyik Mike Brown Lou Toth
        Lachine R.C.C. Cartierville B.C. Cartierville B.C.
  1968   41:16.8 Jim Simonyik Jean Barré Les Csukor
        Lachine R.C.C. Quebec C.C. Lachine R.C.C.
  1969   46:54 Glyn Horton Frank Bartik Wolf Ruck
        Calgary C.C. Winnipeg C.C. Mississauga C.C.
  1970   No Time   Leif Jorgensen Frank Bartik Jim Reardon
        Port Moody C.C. Carleton Place C.C. Mohawk C.C.
  1971   47:33.7 Dean Oldershaw Nils Oritsland Reed Oldershaw
        Quebec C.C. Mississauga C.C. Quebec C.C.
  1972   42:50 Dean Oldershaw Reed Oldershaw Jean Barré
        Mohawk C.C. Mohawk C.C. Quebec C.C.
  1973   49:41 Denis Barré Phil Hepburn Ralph Behrens
        Quebec C.C. Cartierville B.C. Chateauguay B.C.
  1974   44:38.3 Dean Oldershaw Scott Oldershaw Jim Reardon
        Balmy Beach C.C. Mississauga C.C. Mississauga C.C.
  1975   62:51 Dean Oldershaw Alvin Brien Phil Hepburn
        Mohawk C.C. Banook C.C. Cartierville B.C.
  1976   Race discontinued
  * Due to the significantly lower times for the 1949 and 1950 races in all 10,000m event, these races were likely significantly less than 10,000m.